The "Aluminum Dinghy" in build:

Hamish Laird is building the Aluminum Dinghy to be used as tender to his Expedition Yacht 'Seal'. The main consideration in his choice of aluminum as a building material is to have a tender that seals cannot puncture. A hazard we don't think of, but he charters in Antarctic waters.

A few pictures to take you through the build so far:

Alu1 Alu2
Templates laid out on aluminum plates for marking. The hull panels have been cut out and unfolded in the cradle.
Alu3 Alu4
The forepeak bulkhead being tacked in place. Note the use of temporary external bracing while welding - this is to keep aluminum panels located against distortion caused by welding heat.
Alu5 Alu6
Looking at the open transom end. And now with the transom and side decks fitted.
Alu7 Alu8
Another view of the dink, this time from the bow, the daggerboard case awaiting installation. Welding the daggerboard case.
The daggerboard cases' slot in the bottom; Hamish used a close-fitting aluminum spacer to contain distortion while welding. ...and she sails!.

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